Multi tabs - interface improvement

It would be great to be able to have multiple tabs open within Owncloud work space, at the moment you can only have one open at a time, so either calendar or contacts or tasks etc. and each time you change between them Owncloud has to spool that particular page back up from scratch, for better efficiency if you had multi tabs(like 5), and you can set each of them to a default page to open then at least when you flip between the tabs they are already loaded up, I currently have 1500 contacts, my calendar is heavily used, each time I reload each one I have to wait while the page is spooled up and for external sites I have to re-login. See attached of what I mean.

Hm, not sure I understand. When you open contacts in a new browser tab and calendar in another browser tab and activity in a 3rd and the normal files view in a 4th it worked perfectly for me. What exactly are you missing?

Yes it does work if you have each opened in separate browser tabs, but through a working day I have 10 different browser tabs open as it is, now to have an additional 5 open just for my Owncloud workspace...wouldn't it be better for the Owncloud workspace to have it's own tab ability? It would be much neater and I believe more logical. To me this would be an optional admin/user setting where you can toggle tabs on or off. The end result though would be a cleaner and more organised workspace, you can also configure default workspace layouts so users automatically get an admin defined set of tabs.

Not sure that reimplementing browser functionality on the ownCloud level is the right way, in any case it would not have a high priority :frowning: You can also do your own browser window just for ownCloud or even use one Browser just for it ... many ways and lots of pressing items on the ownCloud roadmap towards 10.0 and beyond. Sorry ...