Multiple clients


I am not sure that I understand properly the behavior of owncloud.
The question shown up when I tried to have multiple clients on a onwlcloud server which is provided by my university.

  1. what is the directory onwCould which has been created automatically when installing owncloud? It is pysically on my computer, or is it on the server (or on both)?
  2. how should I configure my onwcloud to have
    a) access from multiple clients?
    b) synchronization of a directory on multiple clients?
  3. what is the different between the directory ~/owncloud and another directory that I may have created through “add folder sync connection (pick a local folder on your computer to sync)”

Thank for your help.

You can only run the ownCloud Desktop Client once on a system. However the client has the ability to deal with multi-accounts. And you could run additional branded clients like the one from testpilots

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