My files won't sync

Expected behaviour

Hello everybody,

I have an excel file who won't sync on my server.

Actual behaviour

I guess is becasue the "conflict-" in the name of the files (1 - Tab salairesconflict-20170706-170449.xlsx). The icon on the files is yellow instead of green.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a file named 1 - Tab salaires_conflict-20170706-170449.xlsx and he won't sync.

What i try

  1. I try to delete the content of the sync-exclude.lst files --> not working and the exclude parameter is empty
  2. I can't rename the file without conflict- in prod but if i do it's works (example : 1 - Tab salairesconflictE-20170706-170449.xlsx, so adding an E to conflict works)
  3. Try to allow the hidden files --> not worling too

Server configuration

Operating system:Linux Ubuntu server 16.04

ownCloud version: 9.1.6 (stable)

Client configuration

Client version: Windows 2.3.2 (build 6928) no updates available

Operating system: Windows 10 pro

OS language: FR


Thanks for your help guys.

Are you saying this is not an actual conflict, but just by coincidence your file is named like an ownCloud conflict file and therefore does not get synced?

Ok i was not aware about the _conflict- system and it's hard to find in the doc.

It's a conflict problem who has been resolved.

Thanks for your time guruz

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