My own cloud down due to borked upgrade

During an upgrade to version 10 I had an internet cut out and I mistakenly refreshed the page, So the upgrade did not go through and I now have an internal server error 500, I am not too sure what to do next, I did do a data base back up before..
I also used this command directly on my server to try a manual upgrade : php occ upgrade
the output was
ownCloud is already latest version
(which is
1/ should I restore the saved data base?
2/ should I upload fresh files up to the server, is so which ones, all ?
3/ what else,? maybe a command to fix the thing directly ??
thanks any idea grateful!!

Ok I fixed this But its very strange now !
I can not get tiled images any more on pc or with app on smart phone
This is difficult as to browse a large amount of pictures it is impossible is this a bug or still my installation not working correctly