Need different permissions for user


I need to configure different permissions per user without the folder to which I am giving permissions reappear in root. Since you have access to see the whole folder tree

As I understand, you can write an app for this purpose. Just listen to postWrite hooks in the app and set permission you need for every user with chmod.

If you need help, I can show you some similar examples.

Yes friend. If you have examples, it would be excellent.

Since the shared folder generally has 10 sub folders which different users will have access with different permissions, that is:

Gupo: team1, team2
Users: User1 User2 User3

  • Parent folder (Share team1, team2)
    +children 1 (User1[Read, Create], User2[Read, Create], User3[Read, Create, Delete])
    +children 2 (User1[Read], User2[Read], User3[Read, Create, Delete])
    +children 3 (User1[Read], User2[Read], User3[Read])

You can check this app. You don't even need most of the classes of this app.

As far as I understand, you only need to listen postWrite signals, and do what you need in the postWrite hook callback like below. .

I hope it helps.