Need more information for file sharing and an approval process

Hello everyone,
I installed an evaluation version of OwnCloud in its latest version to check it out. I like the app but I’m missing a couple of things, and I’m not sure whether I missed them or if they don’t exist:

  1. Under the activities tab for shared files, all I can see is who shared it and with whom, but I don’t have more in-depth information like:
    1.1 Was it downloaded after it was shared?
    1.2 How many times was it downloaded?
  2. I would like to know how can I get some file auditing as the admin. I want to be able to see which files are being shared, downloaded, etc. I was searching some logs on the OS level but couldn’t find it.
  3. Is there a way to setup a workflow that goes something like this: User shares a file, a request for the admin/contact is being sent for approval, admin approves, file is being shared. Not mandatory for me, but sounds like a nice-to-have if I would like to have more control over the data my users share.

Any help on these subjects would be appreciated :slight_smile: I sent the same questions to OwnCloud support but got no reply in over a week unfortunately.

You can have a look at the admin_audit app. The app should be available in your installation, but disabled. Note that it’s an enterprise app and you’ll need a license.

For apps requiring a license, such as the admin_audit app, you can test them for free for 1 day, although you’ll be nagged about entering a license (regular users won’t be nagged, so you might want to test with a regular users as much as possible). After that day, all enterprise apps will be disabled. Community apps will remain the same.

Not the way you want. Note that each user has his own personal space to upload his own files. I don’t want to ask for permission to the admin to share MY files.

As far as I know, oCIS introduces the concept of spaces, where you can put files there without being the owner. It makes more sense to implement it there although it might take a while.

Thanks for the suggestion, however I can’t find it in my disabled apps. I have an evaluation license.

The app should be there… Worst case, you can download it from Marketplace or through the ownClouds “Market” app.

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