Need to confirm installation files to get

I have installed on a new server, Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS and the included LAMP stack, as well as SSH. The entire installation has been updated. I have confirmed that the default Apache configuration serves the default page. I've replaced the default page with my own website pages and confirm that they work as well. SSH works as well as telnet and ftp.
I want to install OwnCloud and am unsure of what to install. I'd like to use what ever is the most out of the box compatible with Ubuntu Server.

I believe that I should go to the Package area (as opposed to the Server area). At this point it is not clear to me what files I should download. There is owncloud and owncloud-files.
Can someone confirm if I am in the correct area (Packages) and what link I should follow (the owncloud or the owncloud-files). Sorry, the difference is not clear to me.

related questions - Is the Appliance area a prebuilt standalone system and to use it, I would not have to install a server, e.g. ubuntu, debian etc.?

Is the appliance preconfigured with reasonable security in place? e.g. self-signing certificates, only https, etc.


if you're a beginner its the best to go for the packages. Install instructions for those are available here:

A description of the owncloud vs. owncloud-files available here:

If you want to use oC on a productive system you shouldn't use the appliance. This is only for testing / demo purposes.