New v1.0.2 Bugreport

If you found a bug:

Steps to reproduce

  1. Connect iOS Client to your ownCloud Server (one only) and open the connection to it
  2. Jump back to Accounts overview
  3. ReOpen the Server connection

multiple Server connections not yet tested

Expected behaviour

  1. connection shows list of your files and folders on your ownCloud Server
  2. overview of accounts is shown
  3. re-connect shows list of your files and folders again

Actual behaviour

  1. ends up in infinite trial of connect (spinning wheel). Ending ownCloud client on iOS and restart solves it.

Server configuration

Web server:
x86_64-redhat-linux (Uberspace 7)

mysqlnd 5.0.12-dev

PHP version:
PHP Version 7.2.20

ownCloud version:
ownCloud 10.2.0

Storage backend (external storage):


iOS version:
13.0 (beta)

ownCloud app version:

Device model:
iPhone XR

Thank you for reporting the issue. Please can you enable logging in the app settings, test the same scenario again and send us the log files?

Hi Matthias - seems to be solved with latest oC Client for iOS 1.1.1
best regards Stefan

btw: good to see your here. oC could have made a better choice than you!