Newcomers question



I have an own coud with my provider, where also the website is hosted.
I am the admin and until now am managing groups and users and so on.

Now there is a question or request:
A limited number of - external - users should be able to download archives, but not be able to upload anything. A few other users should be allowed to do both, all within a "common" area.
Is something like this possible at all?
As far as I understood the own cloud, there is no such thing like a "common" area.
I could define a group with only one user and give the access data to different persons, but that is not safe and it also does not solve the problem.
Is there something like a "shared area" in owncloud groups possible or is this simply not a feature?


That could be solved with setting the quota for this users to 0, so they can't upload anything, and share them the things they shall download.

Sure, just set their quotas accordingly.

The "common" area would be your server.