No historical files ? Historique des fichiers non présent?

Hello there,

so i sync my files with windows desktop client,and i need to go on old version fo my files, but i can’t found it why please ?

i m’ using the last owncloud communtity edition 10.10.10

look this files have many activity, but i can"t found the old files version

activity details :

can u tell me why please, and how get an old files version


You need to files_versions app for this. If it is not enabled, you can not see previous file versions. See for details:

the files_versions app is not by default ?

i can’t found it on my owncloud where get it please ?

ok i m looking this apps and i found this :

need help please

Problem solved with using :slight_smile:
sudo -u www-data php occ upgrade


Good to hear that :slight_smile: