No OwnCloud in appcenter after fresh install

Hi all,

Just installed a fresh installation of OwnCloud (OVA file) (Univention-App-owncloud-ESX.ova).
After installation navigate to the webbrowser (https://ip/univention/portal/) and logged in as Administrator. But see no OwnCloud app also when opening the configuration wizzard and finish it gives a message: You are not authorized to perform this action. Server error message: Forbidden

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

Hi Ivar,

how do you installed it? What settings, what environment?

When I installed I keep track with screenshots in word document. Will insert if possible

I added the image with vSphere. After installation nagivate to the ‘owncloud appliance’ but no app is showing there.I don’t know how to check the exact version. Filename: Univention-App-owncloud-ESX.ova downloaded on 10-07-2019.

Thanks in advance.

any reason why you joined an existing domain?

I want to use it eventually for enterprise with audit etc. But first I want to make sure it works for us so start with the free edition and ended up here. Is there anything else I can provide for troubleshooting?

My suggestion - remove it and install it without the domain integration. You will not lose any functionality.