Non-existant temporary files



I’m starting a help request here because i’m having this problem for over a year now and can’t find the cause of it. When i open my Windows Owncloud desktop client and go to Activity > Not synced it says there are two temporary files which are on the ignore list:

$rieven bizziknow.docx
$calamiteitenplan V1.0.docx

When i right click these entries and choose ‘Show in Explorer’ they are not there even though Hidden files are displayed in Windows Explorer. I also checked with powershell and the files are not there. I also checked with Owncloud web and Linux commandline to see if these files are on the server in given directories but they are not.

I checked owncloud.log in the data directory but no mention of these files.

I upraded to Owncloud but the issue remains unchanged.

I also checked the temporary directories for Microsoft office but these files are not there.

What can i do?

Can anyone help me out?

Please provide a screenshot.

Here you go.

Someone called RachelGomez123 replied to this thread but i don’t see the post and neither the user profile, was it spam?

yes, this was spam, I flagged it and it was deleted

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No one who can help? This is still an issue.

Have you tried running a file scan for that particular directory?

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried with the scan with the --repair, --unscanned and --path options but no success.The files simply do not appear in Windows exporer (hidden files enabled), don’t see them in Powershell either. They do not exist so where is Owncloud getting these temporary files from?

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