Non-existant temporary files



I’m starting a help request here because i’m having this problem for over a year now and can’t find the cause of it. When i open my Windows Owncloud desktop client and go to Activity > Not synced it says there are two temporary files which are on the ignore list:

$rieven bizziknow.docx
$calamiteitenplan V1.0.docx

When i right click these entries and choose ‘Show in Explorer’ they are not there even though Hidden files are displayed in Windows Explorer. I also checked with powershell and the files are not there. I also checked with Owncloud web and Linux commandline to see if these files are on the server in given directories but they are not.

I checked owncloud.log in the data directory but no mention of these files.

I upraded to Owncloud but the issue remains unchanged.

I also checked the temporary directories for Microsoft office but these files are not there.

What can i do?

Can anyone help me out?