Not able to change the topleft logo in Owncloud


Im currently branding a owncloud environment for a friend, and im not able to change the topleft logo (when logged in)

I have already checked all the images in core/img but im not able to locate the white cloud.
Im not using a Theme, i've just manually copy/pasted the img/svg files in core/img, does this make any difference?


if you're doing modifications to the theming of ownCloud always create an own theme like described here:

This avoids that you need to re-do your changes on every update and also makes sure that you don't get integrity warnings when modifying / changing core files.

Ok thanks for the answer, a short question.
Does theming the whole owncloud environment happens in the Themes folder?

Or do i still have to acces core/imgs, style css etc. in order to theme certain elements?

Thanks for your quick response by the way!


the whole theming happens in the themes folder and you can "overwrite" images and styles from core like explained in the previous posted link: