Not able to connect to Owncloud from other devices

Hi everyone, I tried to set up OC on my Pc in order to get a private cloud since I read that it was easy, but actually i discovered the opposite. I succeded in setting up the server on windows 10 by using Webmatrix 3 (OwnCloud 7) following a guide but now I cannot connect neither from a Pc connected on the same connection nor from outside. Sorry for my language but I'm not that into this "advanced" informatics.

For now I modified the config.php file adding the private and pubblic ip address, but i'm not sure they are correct, moreover i modified the .htaccess file in order to cancel the 2 Mb upload block but, even if i restarted mysql, it still doesn't allow me to upload greater than 2 Mb files.

Thanks in advance for any help

From what i know owncloud 7 as well as windows support is discontinued since longer time.

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