OC 10 no longer gives access to logs and log reader app is gone?

I upgraded from OC 9 to OC 10 last week.

The logs preview in the admin section is gone and the log reader app is no longer available.
Why has access to logs been removed in this version?
Let me guess, it's only available in the enterprise version?

Have you got a screenshot?

I think i have read somewhere that showing the logfiles within the GUI caused various trouble if the logfile got to large. Nevertheless i havn't seen any "feature" like this removed to make it available only in the enterprise version so far.

This extremely useful app used to be available for OC. Now it's been scrubbed from the OC marketplace and appears to be fenced off in the neighbor's yard.

Maybe it was never published at the marketplace because of the reason that it is/was a community app?

For extra apps, it depends on the developer if they support Nextcloud, ownCloud or both. If there is only official support for Nextcloud, you can try to submit pull requests to keep it compatible with ownCloud as well, if this is too complicated or they don't want it, you can fork it (if the licensing allows it). If you are lucky, there are only minor changes:

Perhaps you just have to increase the owncloud min version. But each time you use it in newer versions, someone needs to test it.

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Great suggestion! I'm going to try that.