Oc_jobs piling up / safe to truncate table?


We recently had some problems with owncloud and after a little bit of research, I think I have identified the root cause to be the cron jobs.

The oc_jobs table currently has >120000 entries. All but 20 of them have the class “OC\Command\CommandJob”.
I don´t really know how that happened, but my best guess is that cron jobs are configuered to run via ajax. Also, I have read that owncloud had a bug a few years back where cron jobs would not get deduplicated, so they might be artifacts of that time.
However, they do not seem to be building up anymore. The table is just really slowly emptying because of the ajax method.

Before I change the method of the cron jobs to system cron I would like to clean up the oc_jobs table since I have no idea what will happen if those 120k jobs run at once …

Now, my question is: Is it safe to just empty that table, or is there any other (safe) way to make sure nothing unexpected happens once I run them ?
Even if I only remove the duplicates, there probably would be tons of emails going out to customers all at once.

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Best regards and thanks for helping!

Clearly no! There are some vital tasks for ownCloud and the apps. You have to identify the obsoleted tasks before deleting.