OC X: public links expiry configuration

Hi all,
is there an option in config.php to define the expiry time of public links or is this hard-coded?

I can only find a list of config.php options for OC 9.x but not for 10.x... Is there a complete list of ALL options for 10.x including those options for the "common" add ons from the marketplace (e.g. calendar, contacts etc.)?

Thanks, Thommie
(OC 10.0.3, OpenSuse Leap 42.3)


do you want to set a default time for all public links?

Yes. I want a longer time than the pre-defined default.

Bye, Thommie

There is a checkbox in the sharing settings "Set default expiration date"
You will have to set a number of dates and check the checkbox to enforce the change.

Is that helpful?