One file deleted continually

Owncloud server 10.0.3 in Ubuntu server + several Owncloud clients.

I have wierd behavior with one Keepass2 file (*.kdbx). It just vanish from my folder without that I do anything. First I think that I did do something but when I put it back to same folder it will be vanished after about one minute. If I put it to different folder it stays.

Folder is in external disk (google drive) but it stays in same drive if I put it in different location.

I have client on iPhone, Ubuntu desktop computer, iPad and in WIN 10 Computer.

Any hints how I can investicate this?


Check if the file reaches the backend. If you have a google drive connected and you upload the file there, you should be able to see the file in google drive. Same if the file is upload inside ownCloud (you should be able to see it inside the ownCloud's data folder for the user).
Regarding this, errors should be visible both in the desktop client and the ownCloud's log file if the file doesn't reach the backend.

Another option is that any other client is automatically deleting the file on its side for whatever reason, which could trigger the deletion on your side. In this case, either ubuntu or windows could be the ones to blame (mobile clients don't sync from mobile to server without user interaction I think).


This is old issue but I didn’t bother to investigate it because I save that file to different location and forget this. Weeks ago or something I save some other files to our (me and my wife) common folder and those keep disappear.

I have remove all client from our WIN computers, Ubuntu, iPhone and reinstall it to my own computer (Win 10). Before I will reinstall it to all other machine I try it only in my computer and still same thing.

It is impossible to use OwnCloud when I don’t know why it removes some files as you can imagine. I try with to different files and save those to different location in my owncloud folders. Same folder don’t behave same way with different files. Some files it will remove (.kdbx in this case) and other (gimp picture file) it leaves.

When I save files to our common folder it was word (.doc or .docx) files. It seems that removed files don’t come to server or I can’t see those in web owncloud folder. From client activity logs it says “uploaded” and after one minute “deleted”.

How I can tackle this issue?


As said, check if the file reaches the backend It might happen that the server can’t write into the backend or something is preventing the file to be written there.
If the target ownCloud folder is connected with Google Drive, check if you can upload those files directly. Maybe GDrive rejects the files silently, or automatically converts them to his own format.

You might also want to try with a newer ownCloud version.

Thanks jvillafanez to point me to correct directions.

I check from google drive if these files never landed there and notice that there is multiple 10+ files with same name. I clean up one folder and try to save file again in my WIN 10 client and not it stays there.

Now I probably need to delete all files from google drive and let Owncloud to create those again because I can’t be sure which files / folders are in good shape.


Now I manage to do it again and found the problem (don’t know how to fix it thought). When I save x.kdbx file to my folder it is ok and I can use it. When I update that file -> make some changes to password list, its create .part file to google drive folder and same time its removes (or rename) original file.

Maybe this is purely google drive feature? Any hints?

I will now try if it will do it to other files also…


Hey, i’m syncing my password database (.kdbx) with KeePass 2 against the ownCloud WebDAV (directly, without google drive) as well and noticed something similar:

It looks to me like an issue in KP itself, because after every KP sync i can find a “passwords.kdbx” file in the trash can of my ownCloud Web GUI.

I think KP is somehow deleting the original file during the sync and moves the “new” .kdbx file at the old place with the same filename. But if the original file gets deleted the “new” .kdbx file is seen as a new file by ownCloud.

To me it looks like the sync mechanism of KP isn’t compatible with ownCloud and there is probably not that much what can be done from ownCloud side.


I just did a synchronization with KP and watched my logs which seems to confirm the above:

*redacted* - *redacted* [15/Jun/2018:18:44:04 +0200] "GET /remote.php/dav/files/redacted/redacted.kdbx HTTP/1.1" 200 23294 "-" "-"
*redacted* - *redacted* [15/Jun/2018:18:44:04 +0200] "GET /remote.php/dav/files/redacted/redacted.kdbx HTTP/1.1" 200 23294 "-" "-"
*redacted* - *redacted* [15/Jun/2018:18:44:06 +0200] "DELETE /remote.php/dav/files/redacted/redacted.kdbx.tmp HTTP/1.1" 404 6342 "-" "-"
*redacted* - *redacted* [15/Jun/2018:18:44:12 +0200] "PUT /remote.php/dav/files/redacted/redacted.kdbx.tmp HTTP/1.1" 201 0 "-" "-"
*redacted* - *redacted* [15/Jun/2018:18:44:13 +0200] "GET /remote.php/dav/files/redacted/redacted.kdbx HTTP/1.1" 200 23294 "-" "-"
*redacted* - *redacted* [15/Jun/2018:18:44:25 +0200] "DELETE /remote.php/dav/files/redacted/redacted.kdbx HTTP/1.1" 204 0 "-" "-"
*redacted* - *redacted* [15/Jun/2018:18:44:29 +0200] "MOVE /remote.php/dav/files/redacted/redacted.kdbx.tmp HTTP/1.1" 201 0 "-" "-"

It seems that the “original” .kdbx file gets deleted and the .kdbx.tmp file is renamed as a “new” file to .kdbx which means:

  1. this is a completely new / fresh file for ownCloud and the other sync clients
  2. the file probably get deleted by the clients as the original file is gone and there is just a new file with the same name

Update 2:

At the same time the following mail was created by ownCloud as an “Activity” message which confirms the full delete of the file by KP as well:

* You created redatcted.kdbx.tmp - Today at 18:44:09
* You deleted redatcted.kdbx - Today at 18:44:13