Only allow to share with one Account

Hello forum,

let´s say we´ve just 2 groups: customers and admins

For all customers it should only be possible to share with admins, while all admins should be able to share with anyone. Is that possible or does anyone know if there´s a workaround. In the past I had a owncloud server 8.1.3, where I manipulated some files and got this to work. I don´t want to do any code manipulations in future cases, because I want to do updates. My problem is that I don´t want our customers to see or share with each other - just with us. Maybe there´s an extension that could help me to reach my target.

I could put every customer and our admin in a special group and use the function "Only allow sharing within group", but isn´t there a shorter way.

Regards, Dom

Your suggestion is the only possible way at this time. As there is a provisioning API you can script the group setup. Other alternative for a slightly different behaviour would be to share a folder from the Admin with every user and they shall put files into that one to be seen by the Admin ...