Onlyoffice integration, possible regression in connector for master-encrypted OC?

I have a problem with the integration of an onlyoffice document server into a current OC 10.3.2 stable For details:

It is not clear yet if this is a regression in the onlyoffice connector application which appears only when using onlyoffice together with master key encryption in OC.

Question: Is there anyone who had similar issues especially with the latest iteration of the connector app (4.x)?

Thanks for some hints …


i’m not sure but if i’m understanding the comment correctly the app developers of this connector app has already confirmed this issue in their app?

Sorry. Obviously, work with encryption is again missed.
We will consider this issue.

@tom42 : @LinneyS provided a commit 10df64b3a7c3b91c2222b3e27a82293194416ea8 , I just made a quick test for it on my 10.3.1 server and it works. The issue is inside the callback controller

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master encryption works with onlyoffice connector 4.1.3