ONLYOFFICE online editors: v.5.5 is available

A brief overview of the enhancements:

In document editor

  • Document comparison;
  • New Content controls: pictures, combo boxes, drop-down lists, dates, checkboxes;
  • Mirror and gutter margins;
  • Captions for images, shapes, tables, and equations.

In spreadsheet editor

  • Custom Sort;
  • Scale to Fit to make a worksheet fit a printed page;
  • Cell Snapping;
  • Filling cells with colors, patterns, and gradients;
  • Performing actions with several worksheets in bulk;
  • Re-calculating formulas;
  • Custom separators for thousands and decimals;
  • Adjusting spellchecker settings.

In presentation editor

  • Adding tables, shapes, charts, and images to the slide layout;
  • Adding objects to placeholder;
  • Reset Slide.

In all editors

  • Removing comments in one click;
  • More options for bulleted and numbered lists.

*Document comparison and adding content controls are available in ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition.

Find more details in the official blog post.

You can also register for a webinar and learn how to use all the newly added features.