Own cloud not working after update (404 not found)

Good day.
After automatic update ubuntu server 16.04(apt-get) i've found that my owncloud server not working.
404 Not found http://IP/owncloud/owncloud/status.php (working over http(not https))
I've found that there is no config file for owncloud in apache config dir.
I've created it manually by the owncloud manual (https://doc.owncloud.org/server/10.0/admin_manual/installation/source_installation.html).
After this I got "Index of..."
Have you any ideas how to fix it.
PS. Sorry, my English is not very well.


what version were you on before the update?

Can't say exactly.

Okay, can you provide the owncloud.log?

Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.

Maybe link to google disk

What is the name of the ownCloud package?

I suspect the following:

you downloaded the "owncloud" package.

It was change to "owncloud-files"

On update it was removed.

But I could be wrong.

Can you look if the /var/www/owncloud directory is still there?

Also try this command:

sudo -u www-data php occ maintenance:mode --off

Directory is still there
In Browser i can access it(Index of)
Comand not work(Could not open input file: occ)

Have you executed this command

in the "/var/www/owncloud" directory?

Also you can try this command:

apt-get update
apt-get install owncloud-files

owncloud now work but says about missing modules
PHP zip
PHP intl

Okay, then my first theory was correct.

You will have to install the dependencies yourself:


Server was working before update
I'll try to install this modules anyway

Installed modules
server is working
update started in web interface

All working correctly
Thanks a lot

Could you mark this issue as solved if the issue is solved? :slight_smile:

I can do this but i can't find how to do that)

I've marked one of your posts as solution.

Thanks a lot.

Other users with a similar problem can see quicker what the solution was and that the issue was solved.

Now I would like to understand why a lot of packages were deleted during the update
Including ownclowd and php modules.

I will ask the "right" people and get back to you on this :slight_smile:

@jnweiger would be the right one to ask