ownCloud 10.0.10. invalid email address



email validation not work, all emails not valid
i cant create or update user …



This dont work, in the administration email test function i become (Error: Address in mailbox given [myname@] does not comply with RFC 2822, 3.6.2. the adress is valid and existend


Changing from username + email address to username + password does not work? I highly doubt this.

The fix for the error you are describing is in the next release ( 10.0.11).


an existend user cant change his email address??
the problem is the validate function ?

I cant also send an public link …


Do you know how to implement a patch if I give you one?


yes would have to be done


Here is the PR that fixes your error.

Here is the patch that you would have to implement with patch.



OK, it works well thanks for the quick help


No problem. Thanks for using ownCloud :slight_smile: