ownCloud 10.0.8 enforce HTTPS

Hello guys,

i’m very new in Linux and all the stuff, so i have no ideas and need manuals for everything.
I’ll get the message, that i should enforce HTTPS. I can connect with HTTPS because i configured that. But I have no idea how to force it always to be HTTPS and not HTTP. Using some Apache server and followed the instructions here https://www.avoiderrors.com/enable-ssl-owncloud-ubuntu/

How can I fix it?


from what i know you can’t enforce HTTPs within ownCloud. I think this needs to be done within your web server configuration.


and how can I do this? Which web server configuration? Where? I really need some helpful information.

Hey, i think this depends on your web server and how you have configured it. But as Apache is probably a quite common maybe you can find an Apache tutorial on the internet?

As an alternative maybe one of the linked documents here is helping you?


I found I needed to add 'overwriteprotocol' => 'https' to my config/config.php, see Forcing https on owncloud