Owncloud 10.11 file upload problem

Good night, after I upgraded to version 10.11, I’m having trouble sending files larger than 3.5Gb, whether compressed or uncompressed, could someone help me

Is this happening on the client machine? If it’s not uploading large files, what setting do you have listed at General > 2nd box down “Ask for confimation before synchronizing folders larger than xxx MB”?

Or are you having trouble with a specific file transfer application?

good evening. friend first thanks for having me help I’m 48 sleepless trying to find a cure for this problem.
what happens, the settings that are posted in the owncloud manual, I’ve done them all and not one of them has worked with hosting customer data containing a database that has a base, it can vary compressed to 30gb, the way of sending that I work on linux would be davfs2, ja on windows i usually use ashampoo pro backup 11 and 16 all 2 programs give the same error appears in the log but it does not copy the files.
performing the test of logging into the site and uploading through the account works without problem, the file cache appears in the tmp folder that I marked on the system but on other systems it doesn’t work and if you try to mount the davfs by sharing windows it doesn’t work either.

Good morning, I apologize for the writing if the pronunciation is very wrong because I’m using google to translate to the forum because I’m Brazilian.
After several attempts the option worked as before in the transmission of files with davfs2 to webdav I’m trying to take a 30GB file and divide it into part of 1gb so he can send it if anyone can have some help I appreciate it.

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