Owncloud + Owncloud web


I have a freshly upgraded owncloud server which works fine.
Then I installed Owncloud web for my users to have a more modern interface.

I installed oauth2 and web apps as requested from the marketplace.
I added a client into users authorisation to get a clientid
I configured config.php to add the web.baseUrl as requested
I also configured web/config.json as requested (clientid + url)

Actually, I carrefully followed this installation instructions : https://owncloud.github.io/clients/web/deployments/oc10-app/

The new icon “new design” then appeared. If I stay in the “old” interface, everything goes well.
If I switch to the new design interface, I get a totally blank page and nothing more.

I checked the owncloud.log file and found nothing related to this issue (last entries were from 2 hours ago). I also checked my server log and found nothing.

I got a config report but as new user cannot upload it at the moment.

Do you have any idea of what’s going wrong?


You must have done something wrong.
BTW, you could also look in the browsers console log for errors.


Too carefully, maybe. :wink:

Silly question: You removed all the “//-comments” from the config.json, did you?
In case you missed to remove them, you’ll get exactly what you got; a blank screen.

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You’re good, the browser console warned me for an unexpected “/” …
And of course, as you guessed I didn’t remove the comments //
Let’s try by removing this comments, I’ll be back to tell you :slight_smile:
And by the way, thanks for the tips

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I love you :slight_smile:
it wasn’t a so silly question finally.
Many thanks for your help