ownCloud 9.1.4 Files deleted, occ scan, DB reference still there

Hello everyone

I got a problem with my Owncloud.
If I click on “delete file” or “delete folder” nothing happens, that’s not with all files, only with some.
I checked the FTP the file was Gone, but the DB entry in table file_cache was still there, that why its still showing it in the frontend.

I also have a Cronjob running that delete all files which are older than 14 days.
After it deleted the files the Cronjob runs:
$path = dirname(FILE)."/…/data//files/";
shell_exec('php ’ . $path2 . ‘occ files:scan --all’);
Which delete the DB references.

In the browser console I get the answer 424 which comes from the config option ‘filelocking.enabled’ => true,
After I set this to false the upload don’t work anymore it randomly stops.
But the problem with the undeletable references is solved.

I reverted it, and started again, I tested the Cronjob but it was not the problem.

The workflow of the Admin and the User is:
Administrator creates folder,
Administrator uploads File,
Administrator shares the Folder with all permissions to user X,
User X watches the movie or download the file, or edit a txt.
After a few days the Administrator
wants to delete the file he uploaded for the user in the Shared folder, but he can’t delete it.
This is not always the case, but happens sometimes.

I can’t replicate the problem, but it happens from time to time.
Hopefully some of you have a solution or an idea how to solve that.

If this happen often it is likely related to PHP timeouts during big deletes: https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/24625

Starting with OC 10.0 if such file is detected at deletion time, instead of an error it just accepts the deletion.

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Outside of this issue i think it might worth to update to a recent version like 9.1.6 on a productive system.

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