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When I want to increase the user quota in the User settings section, for example, when I want to make 50 GB, the system saves and does not give an error. When looking at the relevant user account, the quota does not appear as 50 GB. Normally the system works fine, but there is a problem in increasing the quota, thank you for your answer.

Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS

Owncloud Version : 10.11.0 (stable)

Disk Capacity: 2 TB

In my instance the quota updated after i uploaded a tiny file, maybe making any change will fix it for you?
So my process was changing quota for a user in the webinterface, logging into the user and uploading a small text file.
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maybe you could also update to the most recent version 10.12.1 because 10.11.0 seems to be a little bit dated? Maybe this is also changing something in this matter?

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