Owncloud appliance


first of all I'm new to owncloud.
I have installed the appliance to VMware ESX.

I have 2 questions:
How do I update to the newer version?
The documentation states directories that I cannot find inside the appliance.
The Updater Plugin is not available.

Is it possible to replace the self signed certificate with a wildcard certificate?
I have serched the documentation but cannot find the certificate button inside owncloud.

Please help.


You update the ownCloud app as soon as a new version ist released. The web updater us disabled because it is not the intended way to update ownCloud on a host system.

You now have the newest app.

The 10.0.7 app will be released as soon as it has been tested.

You can replace the certificates, I can send you the two commands you need to do that.

There is a separate doc for the appliance inside the ownCloud doc

ucr set apache2/ssl/certificate="/etc/myssl/cert.pem"
ucr set apache2/ssl/key="/etc/myssl/private.key"