Owncloud as a redirected documents replacement

I've been looking at owncloud for potentially connecting my remote users with their documents and I started wondering, would this be a good solution for ALL my users? Currently, like many companies, our internal users have their my documents redirected to a server share. But my thought was, if we used owncloud they could work on a local copy of their documents with the changes syncing to the server. So the data is safe, but its also available locally in case of network disruption (especially important for users in small remote offices with no local file server). Then users who may need access to files outside of the office could have that as well.

Has anyone else done anything like this, or is it just mostly used to provide external file access? I am only brainstorming at this point but wanted to see if anyone else had done anything like this and get opinions on how it worked. If its worth considering or just use owncloud for external access only.

Thank you!

Pretty much the standard use cas currently :wink: +1

Oh good, anything I should be aware of before starting a trial run of this?

This possibly should be its own thread but I'm going to start here since I already have this one open. Currently a few locations have their own file servers. Is there a way for owncloud to, depending on user or group, use a different file location? Or would it require all users to pull from one main data warehouse? Since the servers are already there this could cut down on network traffic.


You can run individual ownCloud sessions at each location. Users between the locations can share files via federated cloud sharing. However, files always reside in the owners directory and are not synced when using cloud sharing on a server level (meaning that the file is transferred each time someone opens it).

External storage can't be directly mounted as a user's home directory. The enterprise version can do this, perhaps it would be possible to define the location via LDAP. If interested in this feature, it's best to contact the commercial support on owncloud.com directly.