Owncloud automatically restores deleted files

Hi ownCloud-community,

I’ve got a problem with my ownCloud-server. We have several folders with different permissions. The users are using the webif and the ownCloud-app for windows.

Assumption: User01, User02, User03

Let’s say User03 deletes a file out of one folder. The file is deleted for User03. But on the next day the file is restored for all users. There is some kind of automatic restore.

My question: Is there a log for every folder? My assumption is that one of the Users ownCloud-app is restoring the file. If there is a log I can check which user is restoring the file.

Server: Debian GNU/Linux 9.7 (stretch)

Hi there,
we are actually fighting with a similar problem. Some files get broken while moving. after that the windows sync client did not sync properly any more. if someone deletes files. they are not deleted.
Perhaps these topics are related.

In the owncloud directory there is a log for the whole cloud where you can find all files. perhaps you have to rise the debug level in the cloud-config.

It is not permanently deleted until you manually delete it, or when the Deleted Files app deletes it to make room for new files. Find your deleted files by clicking on the Deleted files button on the Files page of the ownCloud Web interface. You’ll have options to either restore or permanently delete files. :grinning: :+1: :point_up: :computer: