Owncloud can not connect to onlyoffice

we found error when try to connect owncloud to onlyoffice detail as below
Error when trying to connect (Client error response [url] https://mydomain/cache/files/conv_check_1068093185_docx/output.docx/output.docx?md5=cXGK8qp26wha0yjibXU4xQ%3D%3D&expires=1589684725&disposition=attachment&ooname=output.docx [status code] 403 [reason phrase] Forbidden)

  • Can you connect from your ownCloud cli to the ONLYOFFICE document server via curl?
  • Can you connect from your ONLYOFFICE cli to the ownCloud via curl?
  • Can your local machine connect to ONLYOFFICE and ownCloud via curl?
curl -I https://owncloud.tld
curl -I https://onlyoffice.tld

Both of these should reply with a 302 and Location in the reply headers. If you’re unsure you can also just paste them here.

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Hello I have the same problem after upgrading owncloud to 10.4.1 Can’t connect to onlyoffice document server. I’ve tested connections:
using curl -I http://myonlyofficeip from owncloud server got 302 and location response.
using curl -i http://myowncloudserver.tld from onlyoffice document server and got 301 and location response
and from my local machine I can connect to both servers via curl
Any help? any clue?

What is the location response? I guess there is some redirect to HTTPS?

Make sure you have proper certificates installed as self-signed won’t work.

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