ownCloud Client error connecting to server



Hello ive just installed the OVA for vmware and configured it on our Windows Domain

Ive installed the client on a Windows 10 pc and when i enter the address


I get this error

Failed to connect to ownCloud at https://owncloud.domain/
Server replied “404/NotFound” to "GET https://owncloud.domain/owncloud/status.php

Can someone help me please

Thanks !


Try /owncloud after domain name


Same problem

Failed to connect to ownCloud at https://owncloud.domain/owncloud
Server replied “404/NotFound” to "GET https://owncloud.domain/owncloud/owncloud/status.php


Have you both tried to access the webUI before connecting the client?


Before you connect your client…test that the link works. Could be that the web server is not properlly or complete configured.
Also, have you changed the port? … might be an overlap there with OWA.


When i go here


i get this error

Not Found
The requested URL /owncloud/status.php was not found on this server.

Apache/2.4.25 (Univention) Server at owncloud.ville.blainville.qc.ca Port 443

I did not change anything i just installed it by default with the OVA


Did you follow the official documentation?



ha ok sorry i did not installed the “ownCLoud” apps after ive configured the applicance. Now it’s working…is it possible to link active directory user with the owncloud so everyone that has an active directory user has a login for owncloud ?


yes …there is an app in owncloud market … section integration and LDAP integration I belive it is called. You can set it up so that all authenticated users can access owncloud.


Great everything seem fine now :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help !