Owncloud Dashboard


Is there anyone who implemented a owncloud dashboard to find the activity of users who is uploading the file day by day and who are all the inactive users.

I want to implement a owncloud dashboard like a dashboard report consist of User Activity,Hardware Consumption Of Server how much buffer size is allocating can anyone help me to do it.

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Currently I am using Owncloud 10.5 in my Nutanix server machine which has an operating system of Ubuntu 18.04 and my database has MYSQL


i think this sounds like a great idea.

Maybe the app development documentation provided by the ownCloud people could be used as a start for your development?


I have checked with the link but there is so no solution for this @tom42


i think the solution is that you need to develop an own ownCloud app providing the wanted functionality and for this the link should help on how to start.

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