ownCloud desktop app for Mac replies with "403 forbidden", but Windows client connects

Hi everyone

Just signed up for the Forum, so please excuse me if I am not including everything you’ll need, yet. I will try to do better, from here on out:

When trying to add my ownCloud hosting account in the Mac client v 2.9.2 (6206) and entering my login credentials (with the app-specific password I generated), I get the following error…the admins at the hosting provider tested this in Windows and get a connection:

Server replied “403 Forbidden” to “PROPFIND http://oc.the*******d.com/remote.php/webdav/

Any troubleshooting tips would be appreciated.

Btw, I am on a MacBook Air 2020 M1 and macOS 12.0.1

Probably server logs can tell you more. Hard to help from the client side.

Yes, you’re right, of course.

I had given up on this attempt, a couple of days after my OP, but when I set up my next domain that would benefit from OC, and run into the same issue, I’ll make sure to get the logs.

Thanks, Michael!

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