ownCloud desktop client not starting on Windows 10

I fully agree with @tom42 , once again.

If any application isn’t capable of running smoothly on the targeted OS, then submitting a bug-report really makes sense, but windows bashing doesn’t.

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I am certainly not Windows bashing, just simply trying to make the point that I believe the problem lies with Windows or some security application running in the background, not the OwnCloud desktop client. My reasoning for this being that the issue is occurring with other applications other than the client.
I can only iterate that just as soon as I know more about what appears to causing the problem, I shall share my knowledge.

As promised, here is what we discovered in our ICT department.

After two-and-half hours of digging we found that the fault lay with a driver.

My PC is an HP Elitebook with a stylus pen for writing directly onto the screen. The driver for the stylus was blocking the OwnCloud app, and also our university OwnCloud app and thus preventing it from starting.

We disabled the driver, and have sent a bug report to HP concerning the issue.

I can’t say that it will be the same issue in every case, namely the same driver, but when troubleshooting this issue, you may want to look at whether a similar thing is happening on your system.


Dear Paul, I have got an Elite today too and have the same issue with owncloud. Can you tell me which driver did you disabled and where? Thank you very much for you help!



Dear Paul
Which driver was causing the issue ?
We have HP laptops as well the same annoying problem

Maybe this can help others.
We have solved uninstalling the Wacom Pen Software embedded in the HP laptop.

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