OwnCloud doesn't sync with directly uploaded files

Hey there,

we’re having an issue with files not showing up in our OwnCloud GUI after uploading them via USB directly from the interface of our NAS (we’re talking 160GB here. too much for us to upload via GUI or client as it would’ve taken far too long)

We’ve tried literally everything a newcomer could and also searched the forums (new and the old one) in hope of finding an easy solution but everything people suggest seems to involve some weird commands we cannot execute on our NAS.
I read somewhere that this type of data transfer wasn’t supported by OwnCloud anymore but I have no clue and am kind of lost.

Is it true? Do we actually have to always transfer data via the client or GUI?
Because that would render OwnCloud useless for us because most of us want to transfer data via webdav in the future.
I know it sounds weird but please, don’t suggest we use the client. unfortunately half of our people already said no to that

Server configuration
NAS: Synology DS918+
Database: Maria DB 10
PHP: we have 5.6, 7.0 & 7.2 ready
ownCloud version: 10.0.10

Direct uploads require a filescan. You can do that through the command line/ssh using the occ command.
WebDAV Clients are perfectly fine, as those don’t circumvent ownCloud. Direct uploads do …

Can you help us understand why people don’t like the client? (I guess you mean the desktop client … if is generally very popular …).

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Alternatively, you can setup ownCloud in a different server, and connect to the NAS using the external storages app via SFTP or SMB. (You can set it up everything in the same server but it might make more sense to use different servers).
Direct uploads to external storages are supported.

You’ll need to enable external storage in the settings page, then configure the connection. SFTP and SMB connections are available by default, but there are apps to add more connection types…


wish i could send commands to our NAS but i can’t. in fact noone here can. we don’t know how to be frank

thing is that even when we send data via webdav owncloud doesn’t even know the file exists.
we want to basically go with webdav entirely as it feels more natural to just shove a file over to another folder (thge webdav one).
using sync software has caused issues in the past. we’re afraid this could happen again.

the external storage idea though sounds like something we could do. i’ll give that a shot.

thanks for the replies guys. much appreciated!