ownCloud file deletion flow

Hello, I am new to ownCloud and am exploring the platform.

I have setup the web app and an android application. After testing the app, I am trying to figure how the architecture is setup. I am starting with one of the simple operations for file deletion. I am trying to understand where in the owncloud web app does file deletion take place.

Using wireshark I can see that file deletion triggers the following request from the ciient:
DELETE /owncloud/remote.php/webdav/file-path

Based on my investigation so far, I see the following (perhaps) relevant php files that contain the deletion logic:

1. CorePlugin.php - httpDelete() method
2. TemporaryFileFilterPlugin.php - httpDelete() method

Are any of the above files part of the right control flow to handle a file delete requested by a client ?


You could directly use the webdav-protocol to communicate with owncloud.

In terms of code, are the files I pointed out correct (for file deletion operation) ?

I can try the webdav protocol.

httpDelete from CorePlugin in the Sabre library is the correct location, the second one is wrong.

That one will at some point reach the sabre classes apps/dav/lib/Connector/File.php or apps/dav/lib/Connector/Directory.php and run the delete() method. That will then go deeper into the code.

I recommend using a debugger and put a breakpoint in one of both classes and continue digging.