Owncloud folder file permissions/Security tweaks

Hi I'm trying to understand what is the absolutely the correct files and folder permissions under Linux/apache?

750 for folders
660 for files?

Also is there other security tweaks that is recommended on a fresh install of owncloud?

Thanks a bunch!

There is a documentation available here:


Thank you very much!!

644 on htaccess? Why not a lower number like 404 or 400? (just curious)


Why do you want to block read access to a file where the content is already known and available at e.g. the owncloud installation archive? :slight_smile:

Had missed this question previously. There is also a ownCloud specific documentation for this available at [1]. Additional hardening can be done on Webserver, PHP and Operating System level where you should find some generic guides on the net.

[1] https://doc.owncloud.org/server/latest/admin_manual/configuration_server/harden_server.html

Awersome, thanks a bunch! :smirk:

Because of your own security tweaks maybe?

I done a few "hat tracks" on it... :thumbsup:

Cheers! :beers: