ownCloud Infinite Scale Tech Preview 1.7 enables S3 storage

The eight Tech Preview for ownCloud Infinite Scale is a maintenance and bug fix release that nevertheless packs a few changes. :muscle:

ownCloud Infinite 1.7 finally comes with the commandline flags and environment variables needed to use the new s3ng storage driver. It also comes with ownCloud Web 3.2 which brings a couple of UI improvements.

UI improvements
ownCloud Web now warns users if they try to leave the page while an operation is still in progress, like for example an upload. There now is an allow list to restrict the file types that are being rendered as previews, which can improve performance when used carefully. When deleting a public link, ownCloud Web now presents a confirmation dialogue.

Check out the new ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.7 Tech Preview release and learn more about installing it. ownCloud Web is available as an extension for ownCloud 10 instances, with ownCloud Web 3.2 hitting the ownCloud Marketplace soon.


I would love to give it a try via Cloudron but this issue needs to be dealt with first: