Owncloud not reachable VIA FQDN


I recently set up owncloud on a centos 7 VM. The installation went fine and everything seems to be working ok besides when I try to reach the website via FQDN rather than IP address.


When I try to access via https://name.domain/owncloud, it gives me a 404 code (even thoug it tells me connection secure with my installed ssl certificate).
I already bought a domain name and registered the ip address through the A records.
I know my FQDN works because when i access https://mydomain.name without the /owncloud path in the url, it works perfectly fine, it connects.

When I access owncloud through my public ip address, everything seems to working fine.

Any thoughts?


Double check that your FQDN is resolving correctly, on Windows you can use nslookup for that, on Linux you can use dig for that.
Alternatively you could also use the following website:

And make sure that your apache has the correct SSL configuration. I suspect you have setup a virtual host for port 80, which hasn’t been set up for port 443/https yet.
Quick way on Ubuntu/Debian to check which virtual hosts are set up in which configuration files is with the apachectl -S command.

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