Owncloud on Seagate 4BayPro

Dear all,

I contacted Seagate to receive help regarding the installation of ownCloud on their NAS OS without much success.

I have a 4Bay with NAS OS and wanted to install the app which shows within the apps available. When I attempt to install it, I receive an error reporting that the system is too old.

It is more a question for Seagate, but as I said, I did not get an answer. Therefore I am asking here in case somebody runs it on the same NAS.

Any feedback is much appreciated.

Kind Regards.

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Thanks for posting. While you have already described your error message, it would probably be still very helpful if you would let us know which version of NAS OS you are using and if there are newer versions available.

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Good morning.
I have same issues.

  1. Seagate NAS OS 4
  2. Firmware -
  3. Matériel - n090401
    Thanks for any help.
    Carlos VIANA