OwnCloud Ownership / IT Take over


Hi everyone,

I have an issue and I am hoping that someone can help us with it.

We are taking over the IT support for a client, and they are running OwnCloud in their current environment. The IT company that we are taking over for, is saying that they own OwnCloud and all of the customizations for it, and when they are done their agreement term, this will turn off this server and essentially kill all of its use for the client. – They will not remove the ‘data’ but the application and the server will be removed. – I am trying to connect to the VM where it is stored and make backups, but they will not provide any access to this box, so it’s essentially impossible.

I have thought about taking the server offline, and just making a backup of the physical disks. That way, I could lock them out of the VPN and then at least do a restore if needed back in time if they do kill the software remotely.
But the question I have is:
1. Is it true that the install vendor can own this software and make a claim like that? -- The end user / client has paid over $14,000 for this solution plus a monthly fee of $325 for 'support' (hardware, and software invoices from the previous vendor)
2. Is it possible to get root access some other way, if I do have console / local access to the machine?
3. Any advice you may have for me in this situation?

The previous vendor says that we will lose access in about 14 days or so from now.

Thank you in advance OwnCloud. I look forward to supporting and working with your product.


I doubt this is a technical ownCloud question but more of a sales question.

you could write to info@owncloud.com


Thank you for this. I will give that a shot as well. Or is there another sub-forum I should move this to?