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Good evening,
in my owncloud I can no longer see the market option and consequently all the apps… I tried to download the package again and then insert it in the directory but I keep seeing only the “file” item without “market” what can I do?

I hit a similar problem after upgrading, the market went away and claimed my machine had no internet connection. See the thread RHEL repos for desktop and server, particularly the last entry.

giving the command: sudo -u www-data ./occ app:enable market

if I type the address from the browser I get this message:
Application update required

These applications will be updated:
market (market)
Make sure you have created a backup copy of the database, config folder and data folder before proceeding.

To avoid timeouts with large installations, you can run the following command from the installation folder:
./occ upgrade

giving ./occ upgrade:
sudo -u www-data ./occ upgrade
ownCloud or one of the apps require upgrade - only a limited number of commands are available
You may use your browser or the occ upgrade command to do the upgrade
2022-11-28T23:03:30+00:00 Set log level to debug
2022-11-28T23:03:30+00:00 Turned on maintenance mode
2022-11-28T23:03:30+00:00 Repair step: Upgrade app code from the marketplace
2022-11-28T23:03:30+00:00 Repair warning: You have incompatible or missing apps enabled that could not be found or updated via the marketplace.
2022-11-28T23:03:30+00:00 Repair warning: Please install or update the following apps manually or disable them with:
occ app:disable gallery
occ app:disable music
2022-11-28T23:03:30+00:00 Repair warning: For manually updating, see Redirect Notice
2022-11-28T23:03:30+00:00 OC\RepairException: Upgrade is not possible
2022-11-28T23:03:30+00:00 Update failed
2022-11-28T23:03:30+00:00 Maintenance mode is kept active
2022-11-28T23:03:30+00:00 Reset log level

I just don’t know what to do…

just don’t know what to do…

The warning message is telling you:

occ app:disable gallery
occ app:disable music

After that, I would expect the marketplace app to gets correctly updated. You should be able to re-enable them once upgrade has completed.

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I disabled the 2 apps and managed to update via the web, now I see all the apps again :slight_smile: thank you for your help


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