Owncloud quota reset?

since we update to oc 9.1.5 (before 9.0.x) we see the following stranger behavior.
for a single user the quota value (different from default) is reset to the default value. So sync etc. is stopping because the user is over quota. We tried to set the quota again, set unlimited file space, ...
But after 2-4 weeks suddenly the quota value for this user only is reset.
No admin is changing the value. So what is going one here ?

Any idea ?

System: ubuntu 14.04 LTS, owncloud 9.1.5

Bye, Peer

Sounds strange. Do you use LDAP?

I have no idea how to debug this, try to open a bug report here:

Try to monitor the situation for more info. Perhaps a daily database-dump could help, when it happens again, you can compare the database.

should be fixed with https://github.com/owncloud/core/pull/26810

please double check none of your users has an empty string as the owncloud_name in the oc_user_ldap_mapping table

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