Owncloud Recognize new directories

Hi All,

I'm trying to do something and want to get others thoughts on how I can accomplish this. I know Owncloud is Database Driven so I'm not sure on the easiest way to do this. However, I want to give my clients a portal so they can access audio recordings. Each client will have their own username and obviously have their own cloud folder. Then, I want to have my VOIP server send the recordings to their Owncloud folder via FTP. The problem is, the VOIP software setups new directories for each date of the recordings and the issue is, Own Clouds front end doesn't pick up on the new directories. Anyone know if there is a cron or something I can setup to index the directories and write the file names etc to the database so the GUI will see the files?

  • Mike

This will do what you need


You shouldn't modify any data within the data directory of ownCloud: