OwnCloud Refresh Time & Format

I just have 2 questions about OwnCloud.

Just a little history, I use a job board to get work. Companies on this job board will assign me a work order. In my profile, on the job board, there is a section called availability. I go into that section and this is what I see:

Import Your Calendar To Your Job Board
Just enter your iCalendar URL below to add your calendar. The Job Board will then show you as busy when events are scheduled in your calendar.

Then on my Samsung Galaxy Note phone I can see my calendar and I know if there is work order assigned to me.

My 2 questions are:

1) Does or will OwnCloud give me an iCalendar URL (so that I can post it on my job board)?

2) If I am using OwnCloud and a company assigns me a work order....How long will it take for OwnCloud to show the assigned work order on my calendar (like a refresh time)?

I am currently using Google Calendar which does work, but Google has a 4 hour refresh time (meaning it takes about 4 hours for a newly assigned work order to show up on my calendar). This 4 hour delay is too long. I am looking for something that is a lot quicker, preferably I would like it to update immediately like the Apple iCal format.

Thank you for your help!!!