Owncloud reinstallation

I needed to reinstall owncloud.I encountered following error:

I tried to solve it by following instructions given @ https://doc.owncloud.org/server/9.0/admin_manual/maintenance/upgrade.htmlbut it keeps throwing error:"This version of ownCloud is not compatible with PHP 7.1.
You are currently running 7.1.2-2+deb.sury.org~xenial+1. Please use at least ownCloud 10.0.0".I'm attaching screenshot for reference:
Please help me in finding out problem.THX


as the message is telling you ownCloud is not compatible with PHP 7.1 yet (only oC 10 will be compatible as the message is also telling you). You need to downgrade your PHP version to 7.0 to get this to work again.

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I uninstalled php7.1,and system got its original php7.0 automatically.
and then i turned off maintenance mode by:
sudo -u www-data php occ maintenance:mode --off
It worked.thanks for help.

Had the same problem, thanks for the solution:)