Owncloud sync error

No icons appear when syncing on owncloud.
what can I do?


Hi Siesta,

Thanks for your post.
Can you explain a little more about your setup and the problem you’re experiencing.
Which version of ownCloud are you using? Where do you expect to see icons and they’re not appearing at the moment? Perhaps you could post a screenshot highlighting your problem.

Please remember, members here help you in their free time, so don’t waste their time with incomplete error descriptions.


I’m using the current version windows.
icons during sync does not seem.
there is my problem with icons .
I am sorry for my English


Don’t post multiple topics on the same problem.
The category is wrong, this problem is not related to Server-Apps but to Windows Client. The title should be something like ‘Windows sync client ownCloud icons not showing (in Windows Explorer [?])’.

I’m sorry, somebody else will have to figure this out, as I don’t have access to Windows. But I would recommend to try a web search with the search engine of your choice and see if other people have had the same problem.