Owncloud transfer


I need to move like 200 gigs of data from one owncloud server to another. The easiest way is to use SCP but after moving the data I cannot see the folders on the new server. Is there any other way I can work it out instead of coping to local drive and coping it to the new server using owncloud app or web browser?


Ya, Why don’t you just sync it to a local drive using desktop app then sync it to the other server after it all downloads with desktop app also?

if you do not care shares, tags etc. after scp ended, just run occ files:scan for discover files on the new server.

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Too much files - I just want to avoid doing that.

Well seems like I dont have a possibility to occ files:scan anything new i need to install?

occ files:scan a built in command. No need to install anything new. If you have terminal access, just follow the below documentation: